The Lady Daisy

11/24/1999 - 06/27/2013

Macushla! Macushla!
Your sweet voice is calling,
Calling me softly, Again and again,

Macushla! Macushla!
I hear it in vain.
Macushla, Macushla,
Your soft paws are reaching,
I feel them enfolding,
Caressing me still.
Fling them out from the darkness,
My lost love, Macushla,
Let them find me and bind me
Again, if they will.

Macushla! Macushla!
Your sweet voice is saying
That death is a dream,
And love is for aye,
Then awaken, Macushla,
Awake from your dreaming,
My brown-eyed Macushla,
Awaken to stay.

Rest In peace My beautiful Daisy, the sweetest most loving girl, the joy of my life who took my heart with her when she left. Race across the fields of heaven with your ears flying in the breeze, the little alpha dog that you were, who could lead a pack of happily following dogs, knowing that God intended it should be that way.. You were the very best thing about my life, and you taught me what unconditional love is. If I should bring another dog into my life, they will have very big paws to fill. Rest in peace my darling, darling dog, the greatest love of my life.

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