05/14/2009 - 10/05/2009

I never know how much it could hurt losing a pet. Abby was my first, I found her on the internet when she was 2 week and got her when she was only one month. She was my baby, I brought her everywhere with me, i loved her more then i realized. She was taken from me too soon, i thought i had time, i thought i had years to be with her, but i forgot that life is never promised. I took her to my brothers house to get some training for the week, she probably thought i didnt want her any more. As they were playing she got to excited and ran in front of a car, she got ran over and ran back to the house, but the dange was done, her lungs were crushed she died minutes later. I was just on my way to see her when i got the call from my brother.
It doesn't feel really that shes gone, that i will never see her again. I didn't even get to say good bye or at least a i love u. I want her to know that i love her, that even thought it was hard and sometimes i was to hard on her, that i loved her , that i will always love her.She will always be with me.
I love you Abby, may you shine down on my day as you once did in life. Goodbye.

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