02/01/1999 - 08/10/2014

In loving memory of our Baby Bucala, “the Cat from Burma”. Bucala you are the most unique and loving entity we have ever known, best cat lifetime. 15 years ago when you came into our lives you were just a tiny kitten, and from that moment on, your loving presence changed our lives. You showed us unconditional love and your warm, affectionate presence and simplicity taught us to stop, rest and enjoy the moment. You were always there to greet us at the door and give us “kitty kisses” and snuggle close under the covers at night while you purred away. We never went to the bathroom alone and you were always there in our laps with our laptops, silently helping us with our work or encouraging us to take a break. We will miss those precious moments every day. Our connection is deep, and even though we cannot hold you close physically, we shall hold you close in our hearts forever. It is so hard to say goodbye to you, our best friend, our hearts are aching! Our Beloved Bucala, enjoy Kitty Heaven and the beautiful garden where you are laid to rest. We shall be reunited again…

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