07/27/1998 - 02/12/2010

Simba (simbaboy) was the last little puppy in the pet store. He captured my heart immediately. Single, living in NYC, and just starting a new job I was crazy to adopt a dog, but Simba was more than a dog, he was my companion. As a puppy, I lost a lot of shoes and furniture to his teeth. As angry as I would get all he had to do was look at me and wag his big butt.

He moved with me from NYC to San Francisco 6 years ago and has graced the carpets of three homes. :-) Simba became a beach lover, learned to swim in a lake, found a Dad in Jason, and a brother in Barney. Jason and Simba had their differences, but so do most parents and their kids. Simba endured a lot in his little lifetime: an eye injury, surgery on his intestines, weight loss from stomach problems. Through all of these events, he remained a strong stubborn little furry guy. Nothing and nobody could get Simba down.

With the addition of Barney to the family, Simba welcomed him with open paws, let him know who is boss, and loved him. They kept each other company when boarded at the doggy hotel, Barney kept Simba warm, and kept him young. Simba ( all 13 pounds of him) kept up on beach runs, embarcadero walks, and trampling by his brother Barney. He was a great big brother.

Simba tried to let us know it was his time to go and stopped eating a few days before his day came. I held him tight and cuddled him his last night. Not knowing Friday was going to be the day, I kissed my little boy good bye that morning and told him I love him. He passed at home in his carrier that he loved with his Dad and Brother at his side.

The sadness, devastation, and hurt is indescribable, but I have some solace in that Simba is at peace and not in pain anymore. I am sure Simba is running around doggy heaven humping other dogs and peeing on carpets.

Simba, you were loved by everyone who met you. We love you Simba and will never forget you. Rest in peace my little cog.
Love Mom, Dad, and Barney

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