08/25/1995 - 08/03/2010

Gyzmo was born on August 25th, 1995 to Felony (mother) and Bulldozer (father nicknamed: Dozer). Yes those were their names! :-)

She was a medium-sized American Staffordhire Terrier with brown brindle and white markings; a member of the pitbull family. A complete contradiction to the ignorance and stereotypes these dogs faced, Gyzmo was a friendly, happy-go-lucky, well-behaved sweetheart of a dog. More often than not, Gyzmo changed the opinion of how people felt about Pitbulls and even dogs in general. Her sweet nature and joyful spirit made her an exceptional animal.

When she was born she looked like a little Gremlin from the movies of the late 80s especially with her markings. She was the scrappiest of the litter and always a little rascal chasing her mother up and down the street. She was so energetic and playful and loved spending her time at the park. Fort Funston was one of her favorites as a young pup. She was always friendly with other dogs, people and she loved her cats especially the crazy one she recently adopted (Pazza).

Most times I think she forgot she was a dog but always knew she was a part of the family. She rarely barked and when she did, she was either doing it to alert me or talk to me. She had a wonderful personality and only wanted to be playful and be loved. She was spoiled rotten as a pet should be and was happy until the end.

Last night she actually ran around and played in the backyard, she ate all of her dinner and we went for a short walk before bed. I sensed it was time by her behavior prior to me going to sleep. I lifted her to the bed and wrapped her in one of her favorite blankets. I told her that I loved her, that she was a wonderful pup and to go without pain. When I awoke early morning; she was gone.

Gyzmo was my heart and will be missed. I cherish my memories with her and the joy she brought to my life. She gave me almost 15 wonderful years of companionship and unconditional love. I am saddened; but I know she is at peace and that I always did the best I could to give her a happy life.

You will be missed Gyzmo; thank you for choosing and loving me.

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