03/09/1995 - 12/12/2012

Oh my love I miss you so! I knew it was time to let you go, then reality hit after you were gone. I think you were telling me it was time but I prayed you would go while we sleep. Having to make that ultimate decision for you to join Blackie in the heavens only breaks my heart. You were the rock that was so strong and kept me going even though now it's difficult to go on. You were the constant love and support that made me feel safe. Sleeping side by side intertwined you and I. When you became sick it did not show because you were fighting to go on. Lymphoma to chemotherapy, diabetes to hypertension, you kept fighting to go on. You kept me on a tight schedule with our routine but I am now lost in going on! I have to know that we will meet again so save me a place next to you my best friend!

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