02/10/2000 - 07/23/2015

Baby was a most unique black-and-white cat who lived with me in Pacifica, California.

After her daughter developed a severe allergy to cats, his former owner had to find another home for him.

So he came to live with me and promptly took over the place. In a modest 1-bedroom apartment, he found and laid claim to an astonishing number of favorite places.

He would follow me around like a puppy dog; park his considerable heft on my chest, purring and rubbing noses (and sometimes slobbering on my face - he drooled a bit).

He liked to burrow under the covers and curl up with me in bed. I was so content to have a warm purring furry lump on top of me I had to fight the urge to stay in bed and not get up for work.

He was a one-of-a-kind personality. It was fortunate to have someone like him once in a lifetime. I miss him terribly. It is so awful to come home to an empty apartment, my heart is broken.

Ave atque Vale

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