commrade Ralphie

04/21/2001 - 10/28/2015

Comrade Ralph the revolutinary pit bull was a well known and loved pit bull. He was an ambassador for his breed , changing hearts and minds of the fearful everywhere he went .His charm and gentle demeanor made him the neighborhood favorite with kids.He never had a mean bone in his body , hes let cats, and small dogs beat him up and he just continued trying to be friendly. He was 3yrs old when rescue center home at last in Berkeley blessed us with his compaionship. From the day he came home instantly he knew he was going to protect and watch over 4r. Old skyler who for 11years the 2 grew up together as bestest comrades. He showed our family the beauty of getting out in nature. Comrade Ralphie made the Rudner family complete. No dog will come in to take his place. No dog can , he was 100% loyal and always eager to please which made his time with us a breeze. Skyler was an only child so ralphie was not a pet, he was a family member, best friend, our baby, a teacher to other rescue pets learning the ropes, ambassador of the breed, and the most genuinely loyal well behaved dog ive and many others ever known. Thank u ralphie for being there with our family, keeping us safe, and never misbehaving.Thank u for letting us be the luckiest family to have adopted you. Ever onward till victory homeland or death.

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