Coco Romero

01/01/2004 - 08/11/2017

My lil Coco puff has gone up to be with his other mom n dad, our parents <3. my hope is that he is running free again and eating anything he pleases without guilt, haha. He lived a couple full lives from the San Mateo Peninsula with Mike and Kim Romero to the Santa Monica Pier with his sister mommy Niki after they passed on, where he turned an apartment doggy that didn't bark excessively, was outside for walks 3 times daily, busy being people social and not peeing indoors any more doggy ;). He went to work with me and was a big love and helper, who also enjoyed being home relaxing with me, of course, otherwise. He was there for us all when we each needed him, ESPECIALLY, at a difficult time of loss and I hope we were there for him as well. All the way <3. We love you baby boy. Miss you so much already <3 <3.

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