10/10/1995 - 07/05/2010

Fuey was T Bear's littermate. They were with such loving, fun, sweet and healthy dogs. They were both black and tan Shar Pei. Fuey could run like the wind when she was young, I loved watching her. She slept on my bed for almost 15 years. She helped so many Shar Pei that came through our rescue, by just keeping them calm. She shared her toys and her family for many years. I thank her for her genuine love for her fellow creatures,as well as her own famiy. Until the day she left us, she was the picture of health, and I am grateful to Dawn Walling for the gift of Fuey and T Bear 15 years ago. Rest in peace Fuey, you are buried right on top of your brother T Bear, together in death, as in life, and together in our hearts forever and ever.

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