Jackson Art

01/01/2000 - 10/07/2010

R.I.P Jackson "baby cat". Jackson was adopted from the SPCA hospital in early January 2010 as an elderly "fospice" cat with multiple health issues. He had been relinquished by his owner who could no longer care for him. He had many friends and advocates at the SPCA hospital because of his spirted personality. To know him was to love this sweet boy. He lived long enough to enjoy just being a cat, chewing on a catnip cigar, climbing over a fence, and sleeping on the kitchen table with one leg drapped over another cat. He was succumbing to his illness over the last week, enjoyed a last
dinner of sashimi, and was humanely euthanized at the gentle hand of Dr. McEntagert of SFVS. His passing was peaceful and easy. He leaves a big hole and will be missed. Lots of tears but sweet remembrances. RIP Jackson "baby cat".

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