Duke Gaddies

01/15/2001 - 02/06/2011

Our beloved Duke was born in San Francisco, CA and put to rest 2/6/2011 after a short battle with cancer.

Duke was our family's protector, a trusted and loyal companion for 10 years. Duke was such a blessing to our family. He gave us so much love, joy, and happiness.

Duke loved to eat. His favorite was Orowheat Buttermilk Bread, steak & shrimp and rice. Duke would be the first to eat whenever we BBQ chicken/ribs.

Thank you Duke for giving us the best years of your life. We thank you for the wonderful lifetime of memories that we shared. We miss you Duke, you will always be in our hearts. We love you Dukey, rest in peace and in love with your daddy. Until we meet again...

Love you always,

Mom, Grandma, John John, Jamie, Jenaly, Matea, Shaun, Loa and your sitter Tau and the rest of the Ma'o - Gaddies family

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