Complete Equine Cremation Services in San Francisco, CA

Equine Cremations in San Francisco, CA

Give your horse the final rest they deserve with help from Pet's Rest Cemetery and Crematory. We provide equine cremation services in San Francisco, CA, for all breeds and sizes. As animal lovers, we strive to give all pets and work animals a compassionate ceremony, while also providing support to mourning owners.

Cremation for horses can pose challenges for unprepared facilities. We're proud to specialize in this service and have all the appropriate training and tools to give your companions the dignified care they deserve. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about how our process works.

Understanding & Compassionate

Your connection with your horse lasts long past the trail rides, competitions, and hours spent in the fields together. Your relationship isn't the same as with a dog or cat or any other companion animal. Yours was a working partnership built on trust, mutual respect, and years of hard work. No matter what your discipline, your equine friend gave you everything they could. Now you can provide a dignified cremation that offers comfort and solace to help you through this difficult time.

Pet cremation services are a lasting way to preserve the memory of your horse and keep them close to you, no matter where you go in life. Our pet funeral home is well-prepared for the scope that equine services require. We understand how to handle your partner with respect and consideration for all they meant to you. We don't just perform the service; we infuse every aspect of the process with our compassion and sympathy.

Put your trust in our pet cremation services to provide you with a tangible way to memorialize your horse. Whether you intend to keep your friend close with an urn or want to lay them to rest under their favorite tree, our pet cremation services are the perfect answer.

What to Expect

We make the process as simple for you as possible. Our team will arrange the pick-up for your horse. An individual equine cremation typically takes two to three days before the remains are available to you. We also offer a witness option, which allows you to be present for the service and go home with your beloved horse's remains.

Both services start at $900 and include an oak urn at no additional cost. Other urns are also available, as well as markers. To learn more, please email or give us a call at 650-755-2201.